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We are excited to provide NEOCUTIS skin products, the most advanced, research-supported skin anti-aging and rejuvenation tools.

NEOCUTIS products are based on a Swiss technology aiming to simulate organized, scarless wound healing of fetal skin.  The original research showed that this technology can significantly minimize scar formation in burn patients.   The patented therapeutic ingredient in their research, PSP (processed skin cell protein), contains appropriate combination of skin growth hormones, cytokines and interleukins.  PSP promote type III collagen, a predominant type of collagen in fetal skin and only present in small amount in adult skin.

Aging skin in many ways is similar to injured skin.  NEOCUTIS patented PSP has been proven to reduce the signs of aging in several clinical studies.  Now NEOCUTIS has expanded their products to meet your complete skin care needs.

PSP is harvested from cell-culture grown in Swiss laboratory. NEOCUTIS is only sold by physicians due to their limited quantity and the company’s belief in its efficacy.

To know more about the entire NEOCUTIS family of products, please contact our office or visit the NEOCUTIS website: